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Necessary tips on hygiene while using sex toys

sextoy2-1400x355With easy access to online adult store India, purchasing sex toys is not a tough nut to crack anymore. However, maintaining hygiene is completely your responsibility. After you settle down well at post-climax bliss, it is important to clean the toy that was accountable for your pleasure. Or else, you will live with the risk of getting an infection or even STDs in case you are sharing it with an infected partner.

In order to clean, you first have to find out what it is made of, as its material and the use of motor will determine how it should be washed. When you buy sex toys online, you will find the info on the packaging itself but, if you cannot find out, it is better to call the support team from where you have purchased.

This guideline will make you life a bit easy.

Silicone, Pyrex, stone or stainless steel that operates manually: Since these do not have motors, you can put them in boiling water for a long 10 minutes. Hot steam will sterilize the toys and kill germs if any.

Silicone, stainless steel, glass or wood that operates through electricity or battery: Use mild soap and damp cloth to wipe the device. Make sure water doesn’t come in contact with the motor.

Cyberskin: Gently wipe the body with some soap and warm water. Too much rubbing may damage the sensitive surface. Sex toy shops India sell many products that are made of cyberskin. You will find the instructions to clean them in the correct way.

Hard plastic, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) or jelly rubber: Being porous, these materials can be the powerhouse of bacteria and STDs even after washing with water and soap. The best option is to use a condom whenever you share it with someone else.

Once you clean the toys completely, keep in under the air to dry off completely or use a clean paper towel to absorb the water. Store it in silk bag when not in use.