Everything you need to know about traveling with sex toys

539fcc91b413f_-_cos-01-sexy-woman-in-bed-with-shirtless-guy-deSex toys have become essential for the pleasure in daily lives of many couples. These toys are not only crucial in the aspect of solo enjoyment but also couples can have fun with them as it helps to enhance the pleasure and adventure during the sex drive of any couple. But being so addicted to these sex toys can be a tough job for you while traveling. People who are in search of sex toys in Surat, Mumbai, Goa and other cities in India can buy them from the online market without even letting people know their identity.

Just suppose if you are traveling with your personal vibrators in your bag, and suddenly a checking officer get into your suitcase and pulls out your vibrator and ask you ‘what is this’ by raising his eyebrows and ask so loud so that everyone around you can hear that clearly. This can make your face red and everyone in the crowd to burst into cruel laughter. The sex toys in

Well, it is a topic to think really. These situations can occur in anyone’s life, but if you know how to deal with this condition, then only you will be the winner. There are many tips and tricks that you should be aware if you are going to travel with your favorite piece of sex toys.

Tips for traveling with Vibrators:

While moving on flights with sex toys in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi or other cities the very first thing that you should be aware that your vibrator should not switch on accidently. You should remove the battery before packing them in the bags. There is a lot of possibilities that your sex toys can be inspected, so the best idea to keep them safe is that put them in plastic bags, so the checking officers don’t even bother to open them. Another reason to hide your vibrator is to put them safe from germs. As the checkers use the same hands for checking all kind of baggage and stuff so it ca be an open invitation to germs.

While traveling for an extended time with your vibrator and other sex toys in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi or another city, you must have lubricants and other options also. You can carry these lubricants in smaller containers in case you are traveling in flights or can buy convenient size packets of the lubricants.

List of things that you can carry-on with you:

  • Handcuffs

  • Vibrators, dildos and other sex toys shorter than 7 inches

  • Strap-on harnesses of leather or fabrics

  • Lubricants

Well, there may be the case still that they can find you with the sex toys, but you don’t need to be embarrassed. The vibrators and other sex toys are common things these days. Sex toys in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other megacities are much standard, and it’s quite reasonable to have them in your bags.


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